Ginelle Irene Bucher

Unique handmade creations

Hello!  Thanks for visiting my site and checking out my work.
I can't help but create things and I'd love to share that with you.  I love plants, recycling and vintage things so much of what I create fits in with those themes.
Here are some of the things I make:
*fabric flowers using recycled and vintage fabrics
*pottery: especially mugs, bowls and vases
*button art: cards, bracelets, and ornaments
*framed button designs
*custom pieces using your memory buttons or fabric  

Lately I have been talking with my friends at Mes Amis Catering to bring you special rental pieces for your next event!  Mes Amis brings the health-friendly, eco conscious food and linens, and I bring the unique, recycled handmade flowers to the table. 
Please get in touch with me to order your custom piece or to book your floral rental.

You can also find some of my work at Textures Craftworks on Locke Street in Hamilton, Ontario.